Aspar Alawla
Certified Public Accountants and Auditors

The company was established on 02/04/1445 AH, and since then, we have always strived to provide advanced and high-quality professional services in entrusted businesses. Therefore, we give great attention to our clients and have a special understanding of the issues and matters they face, making us an influential member of the advisory team for our esteemed clients. By the grace and guidance of Allah, we have distinguished ourselves as a Saudi company bringing together professionals with diverse experiences and skills to provide our clients with innovation and rapid response, with Allah's help, to be their support in becoming pioneers in various business sectors.لماذا-اسبار-الاولى-1.png
All our clients, whether large or small businesses, or whether their activities are established or still in the formation stage, will, Allah willing, benefit from our specialized services. This includes auditing, accounting, zakat and tax consultations, economic entity evaluation, business establishment, accounting systems, judicial reports, financial regulations, and various financial consultations. We also have experience with accounting software such as SAP, Oracle, and other intermediate systems. We are known in the market as trusted advisors.

Our company enjoys excellent working relationships with a range of consultants and financial, industrial, and commercial institutions, enhancing our company's capabilities to provide a wide range of professional services and consultations in the fields of accounting and auditing.

Our main office is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Our Values

Learning culture, digital transformation, integrated growth, and consulting experience.
We seek to focus and uphold integrity. We strive for expertise in accelerating the goals of our clients and partners.
We are committed to high expectations and responsibility

Goals and
Strategic Values


We bring a new and bold level of trust, offering insights and solutions that enhance the capabilities of clients and colleagues, while achieving a balance with the help of Allah Almighty to assist our clients, their boards of directors, and end-users in making informed decisions, maintaining our reputation and trust.


We strive to be one of the leading accounting and auditing companies in Saudi Arabia by providing professional services to all users in a timely, efficient, and high-quality manner.


Learning culture and digital transformation: We seek to develop a continuous learning culture and digital transformation within the company.
Integrated growth and consulting experience: We aim to achieve integrated growth for the company and provide distinguished consulting experience to our clients.


Through our responsibility, we stand firm on ethics, international standards of behavior and professional ethics, accounting and auditing standards, and related regulations to fulfill our tasks and provide logical assurances.

Accredited byالهيئة-السعودية-للمراجعين-والمحاسبين.pngالمركز-الوطني-لتنمية-القطاع-غير-الربحي.pngلجنة-الافلاس.pngقوائم.png

The company was established on 02/04/1445 AH, and since then, we have always strived to provide advanced and high-quality professional services in entrusted businesses.


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